Gater-deCourt is a Devon-based Technology consultancy specialising in the design and delivery of online presence across a multitude of available platforms.

In the second decade of the Millennium, an online presence is no longer just a website. That’s not to say it can’t be, but many businesses these days will run a complex, multi-media, commerce-enabled website alongside an Ebay shop, a Youtube channel and Facebook and Twitter profiles. All these platforms work together to present a single, coherent experience for their existing and potential customers.

Gater deCourt is experienced in delivering reliable solutions with these ever-changing technologies.

Working with popular content managed systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, through raw technologies (HTML, XML, PHP and JAVA), to third-party offerings from YouTube and Facebook, in tandem with our sister company Big Etc Productions (specialising in photography, graphics and online video production) means we are well placed to assist with all aspects of building and growing your presence in a digital world

– Alexander Gater